Everyone needs some time to unwind, relax, and have some fun. In the fast pace world we live, we all need to just get a way from everything for a few days. Adventure Travel Planners has many great ideas, as well as key contacts to fit your request of a themed weekend getaway. In fact, you know the Ole saying "practice what you preach"? We at Adventure Travel Planners, experience  "Get a Ways" quite often. Hide a way Cabins,Theme Parks, "Adult Only" Bed & Breakfast Plantations, and  many more. Some getaway ideas could be  very close to your home town.

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Here are some Ideas of Great Getaways... Remember this, as you think where you want to visit... It is not just the location.... Its how you spend your time and what you plan to do.... Where to stay.... Adventure Travel Planners has the experience and resources to make your Getaway ....  A Great Adventure with lots of memories.

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